Thank you for your support, however...

This is not the annoucement we wanted to make. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a position where we have to admit defeat, now, in order to protect competitive pricing for our potential passengers. It is with deep regret we are notifying you to advise that we will not be able to operate GoSarvaq.

The GoSarvaq business model, which we worked on for over a year, was supported by a strong, solid business plan. That plan took into consideration changes in market pricing but we think its safe to say, no one could have predicated the market conditions changing as drastically as they did. We have been open and honest when we have said our model is only sustainable in a competitive environment. When that market sees pricing that has never before been seen in at least the last 10 years, the environment is no longer competitive.

We made the difficult decision and have informed passengers so they may take advantage of the seat sale rates currently in the market while they still exist. It is our hope that other carriers honour the published time lines of their seat sales, that they have been so quick to implement.

As I am sure you can appreciate this was an extremely difficult decision for the entire GoSarvaq Team. We fully understand the impact this decision has on passengers, potential tourists, small businesses and our staff. This was not a decision we made lightly.

We will be focused on supporting passengers and our staff through this difficult period and transition. We have been, and will continue to engage with the Competition Bureau and other federal and territorial officials on the drastic changes to the market that passengers and gov ernment officials have asked for, but only received after GoSarvaq launched. If you're interested in staying up to date on our progress with this, please add your name to our mailing list below.

If we were successful at anything at GoSarvaq, it was that our business model resulted in a fair and affordable airfare for the summer months. We have demonstrated that this model IS sustainable. Other carriers have responded showing they CAN operate at affordable levels. This is a big win for Nunavummiut and its an important reminder that as Nunavummiut, we must demand better from the businesses who have the privilege of working in Nunavut.

We are extremely grateful for supporting our Inuit-owned, Nunavut based business. Please understand that we share your disappointment that GoSarvaq could not launch.

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